Vol. 1, Issue 1, This Side Of Town

by t pomar

you on every corner in our cul-de-sac town
handing out post-it kisses to the wrong guys
always to the wrong guys baby

you were my new year’s resolution
now you’re nothing but a side effect
of this b-movie existence
in which i take the front seat
and watch the plot unfold
through my rear-view mirror
my heart pulsating in my ears
my desire throbbing in my stomach

i tried to inoculate myself against you
thinking of quadratic irrationals
a sure turnoff
but you’re an origami contortionist
folding yourself into
new electrifying pleasures
every time
changing and mutating
until boosting immunity to you
became pointless

now i see you walking down main street
with 24-hour convenience-store prayers
you so trashy
you’re the genericized trademark for trash
you so trashy
it hurts right here between my legs
remembering our first time in a bathroom stall
urine and vomit all over
pop psychology and gossip
scribbled all over
the taste of your cherryade spit
in the back of my throat

then my last desperate attempt to
persuade you to hop into my car
you brushing me off
calling me a heartthrob
me admitting i used to dream of
being a rock god poet like eileen myles
my shrink-wrapped guts in your keepsake box


t pomar is a queer and intersectional feminist writer and artist, currently based in the town of Brighton, in South East England. She earned her MA in Queer Studies from the University of Sussex (United Kingdom). Highly political in intent, her work spans genres and mediums—including academic essays, articles, poetry, and illustration—and, much like her identity, is influenced by the literal and figurative boundaries she has moved and continues to move across. She is currently putting the finishing touches to her latest poetry chapbook—Love is so Passé—and developing her first comic book—Project A. Her work has appeared in various publications—most recently in Quaint Magazine.

iamtpomar.com | instagram.com/iamtpomar twitter.com/iamtpomar